Providing Customised Leasing Solutions to SME and MultiNationals For Over 55 Years

Benefits of Car Leasing

Fixed Monthly Payment

Rentals are fixed for the term of the contract, so you can set your monthly budget with no concerns over unexpected costs.

Free Up Capital

With vehicle leasing, there is no capital investment required which frees up money to invest in your for business.

Comprehensive Service Package

Our service package covers you every step of the way – servicing, maintenance or tyres, road tax, roadside assistance and CVRT’s are covered within your fixed monthly payment offering you total peace of mind.

No Residual Value Risk

The residual value risk of the vehicle is left to us, protecting you against future market value fluctuations.

Flexible Terms

Typical contract lengths range from between 24 and 60 months allowing you to balance the monthly costs against the frequency of replacement.

Reduced Administration

Our experienced service team manage the day-to-day administration of your fleet, leaving you to devote your time and resources to where they are needed most.

How Leasing Works

Contract Hire is a leasing solution that fixes all of your company motoring costs into one monthly fee.

1.Term & Mileage: You agree on the leasing term of your chosen vehicle, typically between 24 & 48 months, and the annual mileage to suit your business.

2. Upfront Payment: 3 monthly payments upfront which cover the first & final two months of the agreed term.

3. Monthly Repayments: remaining payments paid over the agreed term. Your monthly rental covers the vehicle depreciation as well as servicing, replacement tyres, road tax, relief vehicle, CVRT and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Why Mahony Fleet?

Mahony Fleet have been our Partner of choice for over 20 years in delivering all our motoring and fleet needs. They deliver a cost effective, competitive and flexible solution that has never let us down. We consider Mahony Fleet an integral part of our business.

Malcom Hughes

CEO and Chairman OSG Group

Special Offers

TOYOTA C-HR 5dr hatchback 1.8 HYBRID LUNA
Monthly Rental

€ 427.43

Fuel Type Hybrid Unleaded

Annual Milage 15000

Contact Term 48 months

VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 5dr hatchback 2.0 TDI 115HP Life
Monthly Rental

€ 415.14

Fuel Type Electric

Annual Milage 15000

Contact Term 48 months

Monthly Rental

€ 499.15

Fuel Type Diesel

Annual Milage 15000

Contact Term 48

HYUNDAI TUCSON 5dr sports utility vehicle 2WD Comfort Plus
Monthly Rental

€ 464.64

Fuel Type Diesel

Annual Milage 15000

Contact Term 48

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Your Questions Answered

What are the benefits of leasing with Mahony Fleet?
There are a number of benefits from leasing with Mahony Fleet, primarily financial and operational. There is no capital expenditure with leasing which frees up cash for businesses to invest in other parts of their business. Leasing is a great budgeting tool for customers as all their motoring costs are included a fixed monthly rental providing greater control over unexpected maintenance costs. Our driver support team can manage your driver’s service and tyre requirements saving you time to focus on your core business.
How is my company car BIK calculated?

There are a number of different variables that must be taken into account when calculating your company car BIK such as type of vehicle, OMV, annual mileage, income tax bracket and contributions made good to employer. From 2023, the way Revenue calculate company car BIK will be changing to include the CO2 emission’s of a vehicle. For more information please consult your company accountant or

What is the minimum term of the lease?
Our typical lease term ranges from 12 months to 4 years over varying annual mileages.
What is included in the maintenance package?

Mahony Fleet provide a comprehensive maintenance package that covers all aspects of maintaining the vehicle such as service bookings, tyre management, relief vehicle, 24 hour roadside assistance, online reporting and access to our driver app.