Car Leasing in Ireland: Providing Solutions to SMEs and Multinationals for Over 55 Years

As an Irish car leasing company, with over 55 years of experience, we understand what it takes to deliver commercial car leasing solutions to our clients. We work with your team to develop a full car leasing plan that is tailored to your business and our experienced service team will manage the day-to-day administration of your fleet, leaving you to devote your time and resources to where they are needed most.



  • Mahony Fleet can help your company enhance operational efficiency, minimise TCO risks, and deliver value by implementing strategic cost-saving measures.

  • Fixed Monthly Payment, so you can set your monthly budget with no concerns over unexpected costs;

  • With vehicle leasing, there is no capital investment required which frees up money to invest in your business;

  • The residual value risk of the vehicle is left to us, protecting you against future market value fluctuations;

  • Our service package covers you every step of the way, offering you total peace of mind.

What car types are available?


We have a dedicated range of cars to meet your needs. Our team of leasing experts is ready to help you find the best lease deal, from SUVs to electric cars. Just send us a message, and we’ll assist you in configuring the car that perfectly suits your requirements.

SUV Cars

Hybrid or Electric Cars

Premium Cars

Commercial Cars

Contract Hire 

Leasing solution that fixes all of your company motoring costs into one monthly fee.

1. Term & Mileage: You agree on the leasing term of your chosen vehicle, typically between 24 & 48 months, and the annual mileage to suit your business.

2. Upfront Payment: 3 monthly payments upfront which cover the first & final two months of the agreed term.

3. Monthly Repayments: remaining payments paid over the agreed term. Your monthly rental covers the vehicle depreciation as well as servicing, replacement tyres, road tax, relief vehicle, CVRT and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Moving and Storing Vehicles 

Relocating and storing your fleet becomes a hassle when you are stationed internationally. Our in-house specialist handles all the details to relocate or store your fleet safely. We can even help transfer an existing leased car or van to a new employee.

We provide secure storage for surplus vehicles, releasing parking spaces at your premises for vehicles in use. We will arrange for the transfer of existing vehicles to new employees in order to benefit you from reduced administration costs.

360-Degree Approach

To truly thrive, Mahony Fleet adopts the 360-degree approach that covers all aspects of the leasing process.

Account Manager: Primary point of contact for your Fleet Manager, providing fleet consultancy, periodic reviews and general account queries.

Operations Manager: Ensuring the day-to-day operations of your fleet run smoothly.

Customer Service: Point of contact for all fleet drivers service bookings, tyre replacement, 24/7 roadside assistance, accident management and relief vehicles.

Comprehensive Car Leasing Services in Ireland

Explore car leasing in Ireland with Mahony Fleet. Our vehicle leasing services are designed to meet the needs of SMEs and multinationals, providing a wide range of vehicle car leasing options, including SUV, hybrid, electric, premium, and commercial cars. With over 55 years of experience, Mahony Fleet offers a comprehensive service package that ensures your business runs smoothly. Our solutions include fixed monthly payments, no capital investment, and management of residual value risk. Contact us today, by using the form below, to find the best car lease deals and learn how our 360-degree approach can support your business with reliable car leasing services.