Van Leasing, Car Leasing & Fleet Management FAQ’s

Van leasing

Do Mahony Fleet supply commercial vehicles as well as passenger vehicles?
We supply both passenger and light commercial vehicles for our customers. Whether you need a small, mid size or large van, we can provide you with a full operational lease offering that meets your fleet requirements. This includes any vehicle fit outs, branding or accessories that you require.
Do Mahony Fleet provide custom fit outs, branding and/or vehicle accessories?
Not only do we supply the van, we ensure that the van is customized to your specification prior to vehicle delivery. Working alongside our trusted and long standing partners, we can provide any retrofit accessory, such as ply lining, bulkheads, tow bars, branding and many more.
Can I reclaim the VAT on all my leased vehicles?
Businesses that are VAT registered and engage in VAT registered activities can claim 100% of the VAT on their finance and maintenance rentals on their leased commercial vehicle. For more information please contact our sales team on
Is it an RSA requirement to carry out a 12 point daily walk around check?

The Road Safety Authority requires all commercial vehicle drivers are required to develop and carry out out daily walk around inspection of the vehicle before the vehicle is used on a public road and report any defects. The Mahony Fleet Driver App allows drivers to report any defects to our driver support team who will arrange the required repair in a timely manner. For more information about our app please contact

Can I include a maintenance package in my monthly rental?
A full maintenance package is included in the lease for a fixed monthly price for the duration of the contract. The maintenance package includes servicing, tyre replacement, relief vehicle, 24/7 roadside assistance and CVRT bookings.

Car leasing

What are the benefits of leasing with Mahony Fleet?
There are a number of benefits from leasing with Mahony Fleet, primarily financial and operational. There is no capital expenditure with leasing which frees up cash for businesses to invest in other parts of their business. Leasing is a great budgeting tool for customers as all their motoring costs are included a fixed monthly rental providing greater control over unexpected maintenance costs. Our driver support team can manage your driver’s service and tyre requirements saving you time to focus on your core business.
How is my company car BIK calculated?

There are a number of different variables that must be taken into account when calculating your company car BIK such as type of vehicle, OMV, annual mileage, income tax bracket and contributions made good to employer. From 2023, the way Revenue calculate company car BIK will be changing to include the CO2 emission’s of a vehicle. For more information please consult your company accountant or

What is the minimum term of the lease?
Our typical lease term ranges from 12 months to 4 years over varying annual mileages.
What is included in the maintenance package?

Mahony Fleet provide a comprehensive maintenance package that covers all aspects of maintaining the vehicle such as service bookings, tyre management, relief vehicle, 24 hour roadside assistance, online reporting and access to our driver app.

Why lease an electric vehicle?

Car leasing breaks down your payments for an electric car into manageable fixed instalments each month. You will not have to worry about paying a large purchase fee.

When you lease an EV, you will not have to worry about there being issues as the vehicles are brand-new and covered by the manufacturer warranty for the duration of your agreement.

Car leasing takes away any worry about residual values of an electric car. Simply hand the car back to us after 2-4 years.

What is the typical range of an electric vehicle?

The electric range of an EV varies by make and model but, generally, electric cars can travel between 200-400 kilometres on a single charge. All vehicle are given a Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) battery range figure but there are a number of factors that impact the real life battery performance of an electric vehicle, such as payload and outside temperature. 

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

Home Charging takes typically 6-8 hours; Public Charging: 1-6 hours; Fast Charging: around 30 minutes for an 80pc charge. High Powered Charging: 100km in six minutes. Different cars will charge at different rates using the same charger.

Are electric vehicles more expensive than their internal combustion engine equivalents?

Despite the government grants and VRT relief available, EV’s are still more expensive versus their ICE equivalents from an upfront cost perspective. However, when you take into consideration maintenance and fuel costs over the life of a lease, the overall running costs of an EV is lower than a petrol and diesel vehicle.

Fleet management

What is covered in Fleet Services?

Our fleet management services include total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, service, maintenance and repair management, driver support 24/7, breakdown management, fines & toll management, online services, rental services, driver safety training & fuel card management

Do Mahony Fleet cover nationwide vehicle service and repair?
We have a network of over 700 service, maintenance and repair suppliers around the country. Our priority is to minimise costs and reduce vehicle downtime and our supplier network play a huge part in achieving this objective.
Do Mahony Fleet have an online portal to manage my fleet?
We have an online fleet portal that provides our customers with greater control and insight into the day-to-day running of their fleet. Fleet managers have full visibility of their fleet including a suite of standardised fleet reports, maintenance history and fines management.