Partnerships are often the key to unlock success in today’s globalised world. Alphabet’s collaboration with Mahony Fleet supports a particularly crucial role, enabling both companies to capitalize on opportunities and deliver exceptional value to their clients.

At the heart of every partnership lies a commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients. “Our clients appreciate our integrity, openness, and expertise in the leasing industry. With Alphabet, we gain a successful partner and mobility expert that shares these business values.” – John Young, Sales Director

The synergy and the power of partnership between Mahony Fleet and Alphabet International will remain a driving force behind the success of our business.


Alphabet International is the fourth largest leasing company in the world and manages a portfolio of over 700,000 leased cars and light commercial vehicles of all makes. The company, established in 1997 as part of the BMW group, has extensive knowledge of international fleet management and leasing and has pioneered the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions.