When you work with vehicle leasing and fleet management specialists like Mahony Fleet, we are there to assist and support your drivers with their day-to-day fleet operational needs. Whether that includes service bookings, tyre replacement or roadside assistance, we are on hand to help you minimise downtime and get the most out of your fleet.

Maintaining your vehicles as per the manufacturer guidelines throughout the life of the lease is vitally important to avoid any unexpected maintenance bills and/or end of life charges. Mahony Fleet adopts a thorough and professional approach when assessing the vehicle’s condition. We expect the minimum standards to be met to ensure the vehicle is in good condition for resale based on our Fair Wear and Tear Guide. 

Checking your vehicle before the inspection: 

  1. Wash and clean the vehicle before you assess it. 
  1. Walk around the vehicle looking closely at it in sections.  
  1. Look at the paintwork from a lower level so you can see any details more easily. 
  1. Pay attention to headlamps, indicators and mirrors. 
  1. Clean and vacuum the inside. Check upholstery for rips, burns, unsightly marks or excess wear. 

Advice about looking after the leased vehicle can be obtained from a number of sources, including the vehicles handbook. Our Driver Portal will assist take care of routine servicing and maintenance if the vehicle is on a maintenance-inclusive contract. If you have decided not to include the service and maintenance element in your agreement it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is serviced in accordance with the approved repairer as per your contract. 

Talk to the team at Mahony Fleet about creating a fleet management plan that meets your company goals. Contact us and we will help you build a fleet that exceeds management expectations!