Over the past decade, with the ever-increasing importance of managing vehicle fleets efficiently, companies need innovative solutions to address the challenges they face. This is why we were so excited to participate in the Fleet Europe Summit 2023 in Lisbon.

The event took place on the 22nd and 23rd of November and brought together international corporate fleet leaders who discussed the building blocks and success factors for effective fleet management for future-oriented mobility. The event was a fantastic opportunity for networking, exploring innovative solutions, and gaining new perspectives on fleet management.

Mahony Fleet attended the event alongside our international cooperation partners, Alphabet International, where our Sales Director, John Young, had the opportunity to discuss the Alphabet OneNet partnership with existing and prospective international clients. In addition, we had the opportunity to see Alphabet CEO Markus Deusing presentation on “Reliable Carbon Accounting For Fleets”, and the release of their latest service, fleet emission consulting.

“We are proud to participate in this enriching event and we look forward to applying these learnings in Mahony Fleet journey towards fleet leasing and management excellence. We will also continue our commitment to sustainable mobility for the years to come.” (John Young, Sales Director)

Images: nexuscommunication