1. AdBlue (Urea) Fluid tanks fully should be refilled as soon as the first “Low AdBlue” alert appears on the dashboard. We recommend you call your nearest main dealer, and they will do it for you (If AdBlue is needed urgently, it is also available in all branches of Best Drive, Circle K Petrol stations, and your local main dealer)

Note: Notifications may differ depending on Make/Model of vehicle, please refer to the owner’s handbook for more information.

2.  It is recommended that the amount of fuel in your diesel tank doesn’t go below 1/4.

This helps prevent fuel contaminates from entering the engine fuel system.

3. To facilitate the Diesel Particle Filter self-cleaning process”, Mahony Fleet recommend you do not use 6th gear unless necessary (e.g., only use 6th gear on very long Motorway journeys where no stops are envisaged)

4. If your vehicle dashboard includes a “Gear Shift indicator” we recommend this feature is ignored and you should choose the most appropriate gear for the given driving conditions.

5. If you drive an automatic transmission, we recommend the vehicle is the switch from “Economy” to “Sport Mode. Driving in Sport mode ensures the engine revs higher and gear changes are more frequent. Higher engine revs facilitate the self-cleaning process

*DPF— Diesel particle filter

The diesel particle filter system filters soot particles out of the exhaust gases. The system includes a self-cleaning function that runs automatically during driving without any notification. The filter is cleaned by periodically burning off the soot particles at high temperatures. This process takes place automatically under set driving conditions. Auto-stop is not available and fuel consumption may be higher during this period. The emission of smells and smoke during this process is normal. Under certain driving conditions, e.g., short distances, the system cannot clean itself automatically. If cleaning of the filter is required and if previous driving conditions did not enable automatic cleaning, it will be indicated by illumination of control indicator Light/ Message on the dashboard. Cleaning takes place quickest at high engine speeds and loads.