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Mahony Fleet is Ireland’s leading independent vehicle leasing, fleet management,e and mobility provider. A third-generation family owned and run business, we are the pioneering vehicle leasing company in Ireland with a deep heritage and pedigree in the sector with over 55 years experience.

In the fast-evolving world of business, vehicle leasing has risen as a key strategy for companies seeking operational efficiency. Whether you have a fleet of 20 or a single vehicle requirement, we provide tailored leasing solutions to SMEs providing cost effective budget and accommodating fleets of all sizes. Our services focus on the supply, financing, management, and maintenance of passenger and light commercial vehicle fleets.


Why should you consider a lease vehicle for your SME?

Cost-effectiveness: Leasing typically involves lower monthly payments compared to purchasing vehicles, making budgeting predictable. This can free up capital and reduce the financial strain of acquiring a fleet of vehicles.

Access to Newer Vehicles: Leasing enables businesses to access the latest models with advanced features and technology without the large upfront costs associated with purchasing new vehicles.

Maintenance and Support: This relieves businesses of the responsibility and cost of vehicle maintenance, ensuring their fleet remains in optimal condition with maintenance and repair partners all over Ireland.

Small and Medium Enterprises Contract Hire 

Our business is about car and van leasing with a range of various services. We support our customers throughout the life of their contract. Our core business focuses on vehicle:

1. SUPPLY: Help to procure vehicles at discounted prices through our buying power.

2. FUND: Finance your fleet of vehicles at competitive interest rates.

3. MAINTAIN: Plan regular maintenance to ensure vehicles are safe for the road.

4. MANAGE: Improve your monthly budgeting through fixed monthly lease rentals.


We can provide you with a solution that can be tailored for your small and medium business:


SUV & Premium Vehicles

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Vans & Commercial Vehicles

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