Mahony Fleet partnership with BestDrive, the company behind Continental with over 30 branches nationwide. They are the leading expert in automotive maintenance and its mission is to look after our customers vehicles.  

What is Fleet Management package? 

For a fixed monthly fee, MF Fleet Management maintenance plan provides all the vehicle’s routine maintenance. Our comprehensive, hassle-free package will help reduce vehicle downtime, keeping drivers on the road.  

Our services include total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis, service, maintenance and repair management, driver support 24/7, breakdown management, fines & toll management, online services, rental services, driver safety training & fuel card management. 

By using our Driver APP, emailing us, filling up a form or calling one number, all the vehicle’s maintenance requirements can be arranged, without needing to search for convenient providers or shop around for the best price. 

What is BestDrive? 

Since 1967, BestDrive mission has been to help Irish motorists get the most out of their cars and they have been doing just that through economical servicing, quality parts and professional advice.  

We are proud to be working with BestDrive to deliver these benefits to businesses in Ireland. By working together, we can leverage each other’s strengths and create a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

To learn more about how our joint solution can benefit your business, please contact us today.