As businesses in Ireland increasingly turn to electric vehicles (EVs) to enhance their sustainability efforts, the charging infrastructure for commercial EVs is evolving to meet these needs.

Ireland is rapidly expanding its charging network to support commercial EVs, with significant investments in both public and private charging stations.


  • Public Charging Points: Over 1,350 public charging points, including fast chargers are crucial for commercial fleets needing quick turnarounds.
  • Dedicated Fleet Charging: Companies can now lease commercial EVs with the option to install dedicated charging points at their premises, ensuring easy access and reducing downtime.
  • Home Charging Solutions: Government grants are available to support home charger installations, making it easier for EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight.

Several key players are leading the charge in providing robust charging solutions for commercial EVs like:


  • ESB eCars is the primary provider of public charging infrastructure.
  • IONITY offers high-power charging stations along key motorways.
  • EasyGo is also Ireland’s largest home EV charger installer.


The Irish government is actively supporting the transition to electric commercial fleets through various initiatives:

  • Grants and Subsidies: Financial incentives are available for businesses to install EV charging points, making it more cost-effective to switch to electric fleets.
  • Climate Action Plan: Aiming for nearly one million EVs by 2030, the government is prioritizing the development of a comprehensive and reliable charging network.


Ireland’s commitment to expanding its charging infrastructure makes it an ideal time for businesses to consider leasing commercial EVs. We understand that every customer’s journey will be different, and our role is to support you in choosing the right model of electric car for your needs, whether that be Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Electric or Hybrids, to deciding on a charging option which will keep you running smoothly throughout your agreement. For more information on leasing commercial EVs and the available charging infrastructure, contact us today.