In the ever-evolving world of automotive technology, connecting to your car’s mobile phone app has never been more critical.

Proprietary apps from vehicle manufacturers are game-changers, seamlessly connecting cars, smartphones, and drivers. They offer many benefits, from enhancing vehicle maintenance to bolstering security. With the Mahony Fleet Driver Support app and connecting your car and its mobile phone app, you can access a wealth of vehicle information at your fingertips.

This article explores the benefits of connecting your fleet vehicles to their proprietary mobile phone app. We will focus on how this connection can improve your car’s performance, fuel economy, service indicators, and security features such as location tracking.

Vehicle Tracking and Enhanced Security

Location tracking is one of the most essential features of many proprietary mobile phone apps. This function can be a game-changer regarding security, providing drivers and fleet managers peace of mind. The ability to locate your vehicle via the app can be beneficial in various scenarios, from finding your car in a crowded car park to recovering the vehicle in the event of theft.

In a recent Irish Times podcast, Bernice Harrison and Conor Lally discussed how nearly 5,000 vehicles were stolen in Ireland last year – making it the worst year for car thefts in more than a decade.

If you forget where you parked your car, the app’s “find my car” feature can pinpoint its location on a map. More importantly, if your vehicle is stolen, the app’s location tracking capability can assist Garda Síochána in quickly locating and recovering the vehicle.

This added layer of security can be a significant deterrent to potential thieves, knowing that the car can be tracked in real-time. It is also an excellent reason for fleet managers to request that their drivers connect to the vehicle’s proprietary mobile phone app upon collection of their vehicle. You must check with your vehicle manufacturer to see if these features are available on your app.

BMW proprietary mobile phone app showing all systems are ok on the car

Enhancing Performance and Monitoring

Another benefit of using a proprietary mobile phone app is the ability to monitor and enhance car performance. Modern cars have numerous sensors and onboard computers that collect a wealth of data the app can access.

For instance, many apps allow drivers to monitor tyre pressure, driving performance, and vehicle status. By accessing this information, drivers can proactively address any potential issues before they become serious problems. If the app notifies you of an unusual engine temperature or low oil levels, you can immediately prevent further damage, potentially saving on costly repairs.

Improving Fuel Efficiency

Fuel economy is a significant concern for most fleet managers and drivers, both from a cost-saving and environmental standpoint. Proprietary mobile apps play a crucial role in helping drivers optimise their fuel consumption. These apps can track driving habits and provide feedback on improving fuel efficiency.

The app might analyse your acceleration patterns, braking behaviour, and average speed to offer personalised tips on how to drive more efficiently. By adopting these recommendations, drivers can reduce fuel consumption, save money at the pump, and decrease their carbon footprint. All of which is good news for fleet managers.

Some apps can provide information on the most fuel-efficient routes to your destination by considering real-time traffic conditions. This feature helps save fuel and reduces travel time, making your journeys more convenient.

Nissan Leaf charging through the proprietary mobile app for charging efficiency

Improving Charging Efficiency

Proprietary phone apps also substantially benefit electric vehicle (EV) drivers. These apps can provide real-time information on battery status, charging station locations, and range estimates. This allows drivers to plan their trips more effectively and avoid running out of charge.

Many EV vehicle apps also enable remote management of charging schedules, helping users take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and ensuring the vehicle is charged and ready when needed. Additionally, EV-specific apps often offer features such as pre-conditioning the vehicle’s interior temperature, which can optimise battery performance and passenger comfort before departure on hot or cold days.

Service Indicators and Maintenance Alerts

Regular maintenance is essential for keeping a car in optimal condition and prolonging its lifespan. However, keeping track of service schedules and maintenance needs can be challenging. This is where your car’s app proves invaluable. These apps provide timely service indicators and maintenance alerts, ensuring you never miss an essential service appointment.

Most apps can notify you when it’s time for a service, and you can even schedule an appointment straight from the app. This proactive maintenance approach helps avoid potential breakdowns and ensures your vehicle remains in top shape.

Connectivity and Convenience

Beyond the practical benefits related to performance, fuel economy, maintenance, and security, proprietary mobile apps also enhance overall convenience. Many apps allow remote access to various car functions, making everyday tasks more straightforward and efficient.

With some apps, you can use your smartphone to lock or unlock your car doors or, as mentioned in the EV section above, remotely adjust the climate control settings. This is particularly useful in extreme weather conditions, allowing you to cool down or warm up the car before entering.

Toyota proprietary mobile phone app connected to Toyota vehicle showing car information

Staying Updated with Software Upgrades

As automotive technology advances, software updates have become essential to vehicle maintenance. Most proprietary mobile apps inform you about available software upgrades for your car’s systems. These updates can improve performance, add new features, and address security vulnerabilities.

Connecting your car to its app lets you receive notifications about available updates. This ensures your vehicle remains current with the latest advancements and operates at its best.

Connecting your car to its proprietary mobile phone app offers many benefits that enhance the driving experience, improve vehicle maintenance, and add significant layers of security. These apps provide a comprehensive solution for drivers and fleet managers, from monitoring car performance and optimising fuel economy to receiving timely service alerts and utilising location tracking features.

The ability to track your vehicle’s location, especially in the event of theft, underscores the importance of leveraging this technology for enhanced security.

Furthermore, the convenience of remote access, personalised driving tips, and seamless integration with other digital tools make these apps indispensable in today’s connected world.

As automotive technology evolves, integrating smartphones and vehicles through proprietary mobile apps will undoubtedly play an increasingly vital role. Embracing this technology not only empowers drivers and fleet managers with valuable information and control over their vehicles but also paves the way for a safer, more efficient, and more convenient driving experience.

VW proprietary mobile phone app connected to car

Here are just some of the proprietary mobile phone apps available from vehicle manufacturers:









Other proprietary apps, if available, can be found on your vehicle manufacturer’s website.

Keyless Entry Fobs

Another thing to remember regarding advancements in modern vehicles is keyless entry key fobs. While keyless entry fobs have made entering and exiting vehicles much easier, they can also pose a risk thanks to tech-savvy criminals.

An Garda Síochána recommends keeping keyless fobs in Faraday bags to disrupt any signals criminals might send out when searching for your vehicle’s key. More information can be found in the Crime Call video on

More information on Safe Parking can be found here:

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